Support call rules
Support call rules

To get a fast and full answer to your support call, please, follow these rules:

  1. You can apply to the technical support service by any convenient means:
  2. Every time you apply to the technical support service, please, provide the following information:
    • “Name”, the software is registered for;
    • Or e-mail address, registered in the service department of TradeSoft company for your project;
    On getting your information, the technical support specialist fills in a request form concerning this issue, assigns a number. You will get a letter, which topic will contain the number of your request, eg. [Request N##123456##]. All further support call concerning this issue must be forwarded as the answer to this letter, that is, you must keep the line [Request N##123456##] in the topic of the letter. It will help us understand more quickly what the issue is about.
  3. Place a new request for every new issue. DO NOT send a new issue as the answer to one of the preceding letter – with the topic, containing the number of another request. Create a new message and briefly describe your issue in the topic. So, it will help us understand faster that we deal with a different matter, not connected with the previous one.
  4. Try to describe the issue in as detailed a way as possible. Eg., the message ‘my site is not working’ or ‘my mail is not working’ will require some extra details, so, please, immediately describe all the details of the matter that you know immediately in the first letter.

Examples of how to send a message about various issues:

  1. If the software you are using displays an error message: write the type of error (not the number but the text). If you cannot copy the error message, make a screenshot (a shot, created by pressing the PrintScreen button) of the message and send it to us.
  2. If you cannot enter the website: write the name of the Internet provider; the address you are using to enter the website; which Internet browser you are using; which mistake is displayed when you try to enter the website (write not the number but the text).
  3. If you cannot access your e-mail, please, write the name of the e-mail programme you are using. Mention if your e-mail worked before in this programme or you using it for the first time. What exactly do you have problem with: sending or receiving messages? What mistakes does the programme display (write not the number but the text).
  4. If the messages you send do not reach the addressee: write when, to which mailbox and from which mailbox you sent the e-mail message. If letters are returned with errors, please, send the body of the letter which was returned.

Please, be polite. Your patience and tactfulness will help, primarily, to find a fast method of solving your problem.

Following these simple rules will help us find the gist of your problem as soon as possible and make a faster decision.