For our online store we have used OEM online catalogs CATCAR since 2015. We gave our choice a great deal of thought. On the base of our partners and rivals we analyzed similar decisions, studied convenience of integration and usage. The issue of payment convenience was not insignificant for us as well. Having sufficient experience of working with auto catalogs, we understood perfectly well that the catalog must be clear and convenient not only for the car service professional but for the car enthusiast, too. So, on the website of our partner we found products of TradeSoft company. In our case, it was what we were looking for: convenient and fast integration with the website, full relevance with auto market, absolute operation stability. During all this time we haven’t noticed a single technical problem while using them.

System reminder about replenishment of the account, responses of the technical support service to all our questions – everything is organized on the top level. By the way, we have had almost no requests to the technical support service as the system is perfectly stable.

Thanks to this decision, we have significantly reduced part of erroneous customer orders, which saves both time of our employees and costs, connected with refunds. Relevance of the catalog data lets us attract part of the core market – owners of new cars – which by itself is more profitable than work with much older car models. In general, customer conversion has increased rapidly, so the profit has grown up, too.

For the moment we are planning to launch a new project, where there will be a wide product. In this particular case we are not looking for new decisions for auto catalogs – our choice is clear and we have made up our mind to use the services of TradeSoft company.