Types of connection

It is connected to ‘Web-AutoResource’ or to your other platform

Technical characteristics

To connect the service you must have a valid login on the website of the connected vendor, i.e. you must be their customer.

Connection time

Within 10 minutes

€ 160
/ month

Provide an opportunity to choose a spare part from the most popular in the world online catalog of aftermarket car parts.

Online catalog of aftermarket car parts Aftermarket is the most cost effective analogue of TecDoc catalog. Aftermarket catalog includes data about almost all car brands and offers more detailed information than a popular TecDoc and other catalogs. It helps search for spare parts in a huge database of passenger cars and custom vehicles, freight transport and buses, gives access to spare parts characteristics, information and photos.

What are the benefits of Aftermarket catalog?

  • At your disposal there is a full and reliable database of aftermarket car parts for the majority of existing cars;
  • Your customer will easily find the necessary spare part by means of convenient tree-structured search structure of car spare parts by brands of passenger vehicles and freight transport, component assemblies, engine numbers or types of axles.
  • Eliminate the number of errors in selecting and ordering spare parts, thanks to information about interchanges;
  • You can sell car spare parts even for the most modern cars. The database is regularly updated;
  • The best price helps decrease your costs.