Even More Delivery Functions
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Even More Delivery Functions


Deliver goods via shipping companies, submit a VIN-request with an image, and set up recommended goods.

Learn the details below.

Wide range of delivery types 

Great news! In AutoResource, you can add a new delivery type: via a delivery company. Expand your sales territory and sell easily without your own pick-up points.

NetParcel, a delivery service company, is integrated in AutoResource. Order delivery to the door.

When placing the order, your client can select a suitable delivery type and delivery company, enter their address, and choose the delivery tariff.

Learn more about this tool here.

Even more easier VIN request for your clients

For your clients' convenience, we’ve added a new function of attaching the VIN image (e.g. vehicle registration certificate) in the VIN field.

It can be done in case of a VIN request or the order placement in the block Check the goods for applicability.

The manager sees this image in the Administrative part and processes the request. It prevents errors when clients enter the data manually, saves their time, makes the order placement easier, thus increases client loyalty.

Learn more about this function here.

New action panel in orders 

The way of work with actions on the order page is changed in the Administrative part. Now you can set up an individual panel of frequently used actions. It makes it easier for you to change item statuses.

In addition, you can perform actions without confirmation. Just disable necessary status changes and comments or bind the status to the action.

Learn more about this function here.

Set up recommended goods 

In previous versions, items in the block of recommended goods were shown in the predefined way. Now you can select which goods should be recommended to your clients on your own:

  • Most popular (based on your statistics of orders);
  • Parts with the enabled parameter Recommend;
  • Mix of popular and recommended goods.

As a result, the block Frequently bought together becomes more flexible for your marketing goals.

Useful changes and updates in this release:

  • The VIN is checked for uniqueness when a new car is added.
  • For Internet Explorer, the notification about the outdated browser appears, as well as the links to upload one of the modern browsers.

Find the full list of changes and their description here.

Please, pay attention to important things connected with this release:

  1. All the changes will be automatically added to the out-of-the-box software.
  2. If you are a current client and would like us to update the project, please submit a request to the technical support from your authorized email address so that we can put you in the queue for update.

Thank you for choosing AutoResource developed by Tradesoft!